Printmaker, painter, textile artist


About the artist

Photo credit: Dayvid LeMmon (2015)

Photo credit: Dayvid LeMmon (2015)


Madeleine Brehm Boucher (b. 1987, Washington DC) is an artist, art historian, and technologist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is a founding member and Director of Direction at Shoestring Press, a cooperative fine art print shop and art space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where she has been a member artist and curated exhibitions of artists working in printmaking, installation, and other media since 2012. From 2016 to 2018, she led Artsy’s Art Genome Project — a team of art historians, engineers, and data scientists who are building the world’s first and only qualitative, objective data structures to describe contemporary art for search and recommendations. She holds an M.A. in Chinese Art History from the University of Chicago and a B.A. from Columbia University.

Exhibitions, residencies, awards

2018              Mudhouse Residency, Agios Ioannis, Crete
2017              Map and Territory: New Work by Madeleine Boucher, Robynne Heymans, Jacqui LeBoutillier, and Sarah Toth, Shoestring Studio, Brooklyn, New York
2015              Six Artists Etching, Shoestring Press, Brooklyn, New York
2015              Mudhouse Residency, Agios Ioannis, Crete
2015 & 2014     Brooklyn Arts Council Grantee
2013              University of Chicago Student Projects Fund, Chicago, IL
2005              New Work by Madeleine Boucher, Yellow Barn Gallery, Glen Echo, MD
1999              East Meets West, Artland Gallery, Hong Kong

Curatorial experience

2018-present              Selection committee member: Athena Standards Residency, Athens, Greece
2017              Curator: Too Late: The European Can(n)on is Here — New Work by Phil Rabovsky and Lane Sell, Shoestring Press, Brooklyn, New York
2015              Curator: The Model and Her Artist: New Work by Phil Rabovsky and Lane Sell, Shoestring Press, Brooklyn, New York
2012              Co-curator: Sweet Fuckups and Happy Accidents, Shoestring Press, Brooklyn, New York


Forthcoming              “Ancestors, Politicians and Patrons: Portraits of the Dead in 9th and 10th Century Dunhuang Mogao Caves.” Refiguring East Asian Religious Art, ed. Wu Hung and Paul Copp (Center for the Arts of East Asia, University of Chicago: forthcoming).
2017              “Too Late: Interview with Phil Rabovsky and Lane Sell”, A Gathering of the Tribes, July 2017.
2014              “Art or Craft?: Hannah Höch’s Collages Embraced the Conflict Between Art and Craft, Dada and Commercialism”,, published 10/14/14
2013              “Ancestors, Politicians and Patrons", Colloquiuum Magazine, June 2013. University of Chicago.
2009              “Beyond Pop: Imagery and Appropriation in Chinese Contemporary Art”, Columbia East Asian Review, June 2009.